Some of our partners

Multicert is a company which develops digital safety projects and solutions, having a solid position in the electronic certification market.

PHC is a technological company that aims to provide a feature that it holds as a crucial feature of its software: the ability to adapt to its user.

Xerox markets printing solutions, both for the office and graphical art industry markets.

DigitalSign is an electronic safety company, with its Portuguese certifying body activity for the issuance of qualified digital certifications deserving a special mention.

Sonae provides services of paper document archive, digitalization, and classification, in an outsourcing regime, as well as OCR recognition, and document data extraction and validation.

Millennium bcp is the largest Portuguese private bank, having an essential position in the Portuguese financial market.

Contisystems is a company specialized in Customer Communications Management (CCM). Its solution helps you organize and manage information at every stage of the life cycle of your documents.

Brandbank is the worldwide leading solution for content creation of products, management and publication for multichannel retail trade.

Exito Investments limited, founded in Kenya, is a global supplier of information technology solutions and services.

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